Introducing LevelForm, Regal Care’s New Wet Floor Former

Regal Care have today released their new range of floor formers – LevelForm.

Michael Porter, Company Director had this to say:

“Sadly, due to the competitive nature of our industry, some IMITATED formers on the market are manufactured using an archaic process which produces extremely heavy products that are difficult to trim on site and doesn’t guarantee that the finished former is straight, and more often than not they are distorted, bent and twisted. This causes massive issues on site, especially for time sensitive projects.

Fortunately for our customers, here at Regal Care we have moved away from this amateurish, inconsistent manufacturing process and understand that our clients want a fit for purpose, easy to carry, easily trimmable, fully recyclable wet floor former that will carry 60 stone, Our INNOVATIVE LevelForm is exactly that. LevelForm is perfect for this industry and it meets all of the requirements for a safe installation and it is also fully recyclable.”

The New LevelForm Wet Floor Former from Regal Care

The New LevelForm Wet Floor Former from Regal Care


We currently offer 9 sizes which are:

• 900x900mm
• 1000x1000mm
• 1135x770mm
• 1200x1200mm
• 1300x820mm
• 1400x900mm
• 1500x820mm
• 1500x1200mm
• 1800x820mm

• Suitable for installation on timber, concrete & floating floors.
• Offset waste position designed to avoid joists and pipework.
• All formers can be used with gravity waste or a waste pump.
• Manufactured from compressed GRP, formers can be cut to length or trimmed to within 150mm of waste without losing any strength

• Each former has a 60 stone weight bearing limit.
• Quick and easy to install.
• Fully recyclable.
• Extremely strong, can be installed under baths to meet lifetime homes standard.

All sizes are now in stock for next day delivery or same day collection!

Regal Care Become Foundations Commercial Partner

Regal Care have become a Foundations Commercial Partner for 2017. Continuing our massive success in providing showering and bathing solutions to Home Improvement Agency Services for the past 20 years, we felt it necessary to join Foundations to promote our fit for purpose solutions that also provide stunning looks to all bathrooms.

Our unrivalled experience and friendly approach allows us to help with supplying products for a minor adaptation project through to installing and designing through floor lifts and extensions. Our aim has been to allow our innovative products to be available and easily accessible to all types of clients.

Regal Care awarded ISO accreditations

Today, Regal Care Shower Trays Limited have been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 dual accreditations.

We have been awarded the accreditations within the following scope of activities: Design, assembly, supply and installation of disabled and wet room / bathroom solutions.

The company and its staff have been working for over 6 months to gain this accreditation and Michael Porter (Company Directer) had this to say:

“Here at Regal Care Shower Trays Limited, we have been working extremely hard over the past 6 months to gain these accreditations which we felt were necessary to boost our company profile and status. I have to admit, i wasn’t surprised we past first time with flying colours, the company and the staff conform to exacting standards on a daily basis and i think our ISO assessor was taken back as to how robust and excellent our systems are. We will always aim to exceed standards and this can only have a beneficial effect on our business going forward”

If you would like to view our certificates please email and we will gladly post them out to you.



Regal Care Obtain SafeContractor Accreditation

Regal Care Shower Trays Limited are pleased to announce that we have become a part of SafeContractor and their standards.

Here at Regal Care we always ensure our working environments are safe for our staff and the clients.

SafeContractor is yet another well known accreditation that Regal Care found extremely easy to obtain due to our methods of work and how we look out for our clients and staff.

So you can feel safe and confident when using any of the services that our company provides.

Regal Care Obtain TrustMark Accreditation

Regal Care Shower Trays Limited are pleased to announce that we have become a part of TrustMark and have been recognished as a company who are trustworthy, reliable and operate to Government Endorsed Standards.

So you can feel safe and confident when using any of the services that our company provides.

Sir Sterling Moss OBE loves his Apres Body Dryer!

Regal Care Shower Trays Limited recently supplied Sir Stirling Moss OBE with an Apres Body Dryer, here’s what he had to say about it “My Body Dryer is fantastic! Now when i switch off the shower the hot air keeps me warm whilst i dry off. It is a very welcome addition to our new bathroom and i wouldn’t be without it!”